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1. Czech It Out: Prague Beer Fest, Brewpubs and Countryside’s Medieval Castles

Prague Beer and Food Festival, Prague pub crawl, independent microbreweries & Czech craft brews, medieval castles and historic towns of Bohemia and Moravia May 26, 2011 – June 5, 2011, 10 days - 9 nights

We will start our tour at the Prague Beer and Food Festival, a Czech answer to the German Oktoberfest. On our beer, microbrewery and pub-crawl tour, you will drink beer in Prague's historic and lively beer halls and brewpubs. You will tour the Pilsner brewery in the Czech capital of beer Pilsen, home of the original Pilsner beer, and a showcase of the country's rich brewing history. Study beer production with the brewmaster and brew your own beer. Bathe in a beer spa, a rare treat not available on most beer trips. Enjoy beer tasting in the local microbreweries amidst the bucolic and idyllic countryside filled with historic and cultural monuments, castles and chateaux

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Tour highlights:

    * Historic Prague (UNESCO World Heritage Site)
    * Prague historic pub crawl
    * Prague Beer Festival
    * Bohemia Country Breweries
    * Pilsen, birthplace of the first Pils
    * Prague Beer Festival
    * Pilsner Urquell Brewery Tour
    * Karlstejn Castle
    * Strahov Monastery Brewery and beer lunch
    * Beer Spa
    * Loket Medieval town
    * Loket gothic Castle night tour and subterranean dungeons
    * Cesky Raj Natural Park
    * Brno city tour and brewpubs
    * Mummified monks at the Brno Capuchin Monastery Catacombs
    * Brew your own beer at Cerna Hora Brewery
    * Pernstejn Castle Fortress
    * Sleep in a castle perched on a rock cliff in Cesky Raj
    * Traditional Bohemian Food at a Cave Restaurant

Tour Details

Because the trip operation depends on a minimum number of passengers, please do not buy airline tickets until the trip is confirmed to go by CCT!

This tour begins and ends in Prague at our respective hotels (directions to the hotel will be sent about 2 weeks before the tour). Airfare and transportation to and from the hotel is not included. The airport is about 9 miles from central Prague and easily reachable by taxi and public transportation. Prague Airport Shuttle provides minivan transportation to anywhere in Prague for about US $35 for up to 4 passengers. Taxi provides transportation to central Prague for about US$ 40. Bus lines 119 and 100 will take you to the Prague Metro in about 20 minutes and cost about US$ 2.

Please note that the final itinerary including exact times and locations will be sent about 2 weeks before the tour. CCT however reserves the right to change the itinerary (places, times, sequence of places visited) due to local conditions, current opening times, facility availability, weather, force majeure and any other factors dependant on the tour logistics.

We are creative and know the local market, so if any changes need to be made, the substitutions will be just as interesting, rewarding and exciting as the places in the original itinerary.

Our tours are guided ensuring worry-free travel (we did all the research and arranged for the most exciting places to eat, drink, sleep and see). We also realize that many people do not want to be constrained by a structured itinerary the entire time of the tour and want to have some free time. We designed our tour in a way so that you can independently explore restaurants, shops, and any sights or attractions you may be personally interested in. Please also note that any city tours are optional and you can substitute them with your own independent plans.

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