Welcome! Cheers Cultural Tours (CCT) is a travel company specializing in small cultural beer, wine and castle tours of the Czech Republic. We offer beer enthusiasts insightful beer, historic brewery and microbrewery tours combined with visits to medieval castles and historic towns. Special features such as beer spa and making your own beer, in addition to tasting the finest and unique Czech craft beers and seeing out of the way gems distinguish us from other tour companies (more information on What is different about CCT tours). Because our tours are designed with a touch of sophistication while keeping in mind that most people are budget conscious, we are able to create memorable beer trips which are both fascinating as well as a great value.

Are you a person who simply enjoys good beer and wine but also has appetite for history, art, architecture and music? Did you know that the original Budweiser and Pilsner lagers originated in the Czech lands? Did you know that many of the world's most exquisite castles and chateaux inherited from the times of Austro-Hungarian Empire are located in today's Czech Republic? Savor Czech culture via its best cultural legacies: one of the world's best beer and its over two thousand majestic medieval castles and exquisite chateaux while indulging in the hearty Germanic-influenced Central European cuisine
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On our beer trips you will:

                Taste various craft beers and special brews paired with local beer cuisine in some of the oldest and most atmospheric
                historic pubs on a pub crawl in Prague, one of the most beautiful cities in Central Europe

                Take a dip in beer and enjoy a cold one in a beer spa, a unique treat rarely found outside the Czech Republic; follow with
                 a lunch in a cave restaurant

                Brew your own batch of beer on the premises of a regional brewery and learn about the beer brewing process under the
                supervision of a local brewmaster

                Enjoy excellent local brews, food and music at one of the country's exciting Beer Festivals (Czech answer to
                Oktoberfest), such as:

                Pilsner Fest in Pilsen, the birthplace of the original Pilsner Urquell Beer

                Prague Beer and Food Festival, the largest gastronomic and beer tasting event in the Czech Republic

                Discover the country's rich brewing history on a tour of the original historic Pilsner Urquell Brewery


                Taste the finest and unique local brews, delicious dumplings, schnitzel, strudel, venison, sauerkraut, and various sausages
                in atmospheric, award -winning microbreweries in historic towns surrounded by picturesque countryside

                Experience the mystery of majestic medieval castles on a night tour, spend the night and sleep like a king amidst
                beautiful scenery

1. Czech It Out: Prague Beer Fest, Brewpubs and Countryside's Medieval Castles

Prague Beer and Food Festival, Prague pub crawl, independent microbreweries & Czech craft brews, medieval castles and historic towns of Bohemia and Moravia
2. A Taste of Czech Beer and Castles Tour

Prague pub crawl, Pilsner Beer Festival, historic breweries and microbreweries, medieval towns and castles
"Where there's beer, there's  cheer!" (Czech proverb)

Unique beer, wine and castle tours in the Czech Republic on a  budget
NEW ! Upcoming wine tour:  Wines and opulent chateaux of South Moravia (in preparation, details will be posted soon)

Liechtenstein's dynasty opulent chateaux, exquisite interiors, family vineyards & historic winecellars, Riesling, Muller Thurgau and a harvest festival

Moravia's increasingly award-winning profile in international wine competitions ensures that you will taste some of the finest award-winning local vintages on this tour. Savor excellent full-bodied and spicy Riesling and Muller Thurgau wines on our off-the-beaten path, culturally adventurous wine tours designed for lovers of wine, history and architecture. Experience some of the Europe's most breathtaking renaissance and baroque chateaux, both the famous ones as well as the lesser known best kept secrets. Be amazed at their interiors furnished with the period's finest furniture and art of the Habsburg and Bohemian dynasties. Whether your wine tasting takes place in a historic chateaux wine cellar or in a hidden gem winery amidst ancient family vineyards, you will experience real Czechs and their country at its best on our authentic tours of a lifetime.
What is different about CCT tours?

  • Experience touches of sophisticated travel for a discount price (brew your own beer, enjoy a beer spa and spend a night in a castle for less! )
  • Czech born tour guide with unparalleled local knowledge
  • Travel in a small group of 5-20 people ensures individual attention and flexibility
  • Our tours are an ideal way to celebrate corporate and teambuilding events, class reunions. graduation, or family reunion
  • Design your own tour, start whenever it suits you